Figub Brazlevic

For the last Nine years now, Figub Brazlevič has been working and dropping music from Berlin- Moabit – in total he has 21 years of experience in music production allready. His inspiration lies in a variety of musical genres like jazz, funk, or soul, he is always open to collaborate with artists from all over the world, always looking for the right groove, added to his own unique style and flavour.

Most recognisable are the concise drums and percussions, which he uses to underline his beats and capture the spirit of the 90’s Golden Era, which influences Figub Brazlevic’s entire musical career. 


His roots are the 90’s, but his sound declares its own, timeless claim, namely to be open to any kind of musical influence and inspiration.


Figub Brazlevič grew up in the south-west of Germany in front of the idyllic backdrop of the Danube and Lake Constance. Hardly had he outgrown his child shoes, he began screwing together his first productions, with the help of a simple technique and with nothing but his own ambition. From the composition of the first beats everything else quickly started to take form.

Due to the feeling of not fitting into the scene of German Rap at the time, he deliberately decided to leave his home and look for his happiness in Switzerland and Austria – two countries, in which the Artists had more of a vibe that Figub was looking for at the time. During those days Zurich and Vienna, contacts were made that to this day, influence his career and work.

Nowadays Figub established his name as one of Germanys top HipHop Producers by producing not only some of the topnotch artists in the industry. He is also always discovering unknown talent.

In Cooperation with Mindfeederz

Ear-Sight // Figub Brazlevič // Beats on Road #3

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