Physical Graffiti

Team Büro Physical Graffiti

Physical Graffiti is HIP HOP’s best kept secret. Phys, as most call her is a fearless visionary with undeniable rhyming abilities and a passion and prowess like nothing heard or seen before. The Physical Graffiti sound is raw & witty a contrast that makes for a distinct optimistic portrayal of art in sound.

This Master MC is carving out quite a unique path for herself. The NJ Native is known for slanging records all throughout the east coast , Europe and beyond. Physical Graffiti has managed to co-exist amongst her modern contemporaries without much of an online presence and is highly acclaimed as a live performer.

Whether you know her from passing through your record shop, selling her art out in Greenwich Village or unknowingly walked into a Physical Graffiti performance you can quickly tell this is a rare experience.

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