OLD MAN SAXON: New in our artist roster

We are very happy to welcome Old Man Saxon, a very interesting artist from Los Angeles, to our booking rooster.

OLD MAN SAXON, a 27-year-old rapper and Los Angeles transplant, was homeless throughout 2014. He lived in his 2001 Ford Explorer, showered at gyms and ate McDonald’s Happy Meals twice a day while following his musical aspirations, hiding the reality from friends and family.

Old Man Saxon is the past and future of hip hop. He is old school hip hop. The old man embodies what hip hop comes from with his unique, and innovative perspective. Saxon is not always rapper that will have you contemplating how to make the world better. He makes music about “experiences” which can range from songs about painful heartbreak to songs about getting left at a party. Saxon’s stage presence is something that must be witnessed to fully understand. He has the energy of a punk band with the lyrical prowess of Jay-z on top of west coast beats. Don’t be surprised if you are caught just staring at the Old Man trying to figure out what exactly you’re watching, leaving you confused and entertained.

Book Now: yannic@team-buero.de

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